Z1™ Extended Life Battery Module

Z1™ Extended Life Battery Module

336.00  incl. Vat

Twice the Capacity of the Original Battery

The Extended Life Battery is a rechargeable, lithium ion battery that integrates with the Z1 PowerShell to be the only fully integrated CPAP battery option in the US market.

With twice the capacity of the original battery, the Extended Life Battery give you more cpap therapy even when you can’t plug in your Z1. Take it on the plane for overseas travel, in your backpack for overnight camping or in your saddle bag for motorcycle road trips.

Product description

  • Battery technology: Lithium Ion Battery Pack, 4S2P
  • Battery capacity: 99.4 Wh (Watt hours)
  • Weight (battery alone): 440g
  • Lifetime: approximately 300 charge / discharge cycle
  • Warranty period: 6 months

Estimated run time: Manufacturer testing shows that the Extended Life Battery will power a Z1 CPAP 8.9 hours at 20 cmH2O. These results were obtained via bench testing under simulated operating conditions. Actual run time may vary due to machine settings, machine pressure, and personal breathing. Lower pressures will result in longer battery operating time.

The Z1™ offers interchangeable battery modules that enable you to have as many cord-free nights of cpap as you need. Going camping? Buy extra battery modules.

14.4v rechargable Lithium Ion Battery Pack for the Z1 PowerShell

Additional information

Weight 440 g

14.4v lithium-ion battery pack 45 Wh capacity 6 month warranty

SKU: 008769


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