Whether you need the fixed pressure Z1 CPAP or the auto-adjusting Z1 Auto, you can take your CPAP anywhere you want to go. The optional PowerShell® with Extended Life Battery provides battery power for a full night´s sleep on a single charge. Both Z1s are FAA Compliant for in-flight use. They come with auto-adjusting voltage power supplies that let you plug into any outlet in the world with just an added plug adapter.

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About Breas

Breas Medical was founded in Gothenburg, Sweden in 1991 and has provided innovative respiratory medical device products to the global market for more than 25 years. Breas has long been known for its Swedish design, reliable technology and ease of use. Breas offers a comprehensive line of respiratory medical devices in Homecare Life Support Ventilation, Non-Invasive Ventilation, Airway Clearance and CPAP treatment